High Mileage Service Recommendations

Simple ways to get better fuel efficiency without you having to be adept at the mechanics that power your car, so that you can drive past the fuel pump more often than you stop there. Car clocking is also common concern for used car buyers and a recent story by Sunday Times highlighted that 8 in 10 returned lease cars had their mileage tampered with following a spot check carried out by Steve Jackson, chief car editor at Glass's, a vehicle information company.

This is because your car consumes extra fuel each time you crank the engine. Legislation requires that the department collect and validate the odometer mileage reading for most motor vehicles upon initial registration and registered owner transfers in compliance with the Federal Truth in Mileage Act of 1986.

Compare your vehicle's mileage during an oil change to today's mileage. If you're a person who likes to trade in your vehicle early, selling your car before it hits this milestone can save you money. All that the OFT, Car Industry etc need to do is make HPI checks free.

An effective way to increase your safety and to increase awareness about a used car is the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. Actual Mileage-the odometer reflects the actual mileage on the vehicle. Remember that mileage and options can make a significant difference to how much your car is worth - sometimes adding hundreds or even thousands of pounds to a value, so it can pay to get a fully adjusted car valuation.

By dramatically reducing the reported mileage of a used vehicle, it provides car owners with the opportunity to sell their vehicle at a much higher price, far outweighing the price of buying the clocking technology in the first place. Before cars went digital, clocking meant getting into a car's dashboard and manually winding back the odometer to lower the mileage.

Using mileage milestones will also help you to track the impact your vehicle's miles has on the resale value. How often to check it: vehicle odometer It was once recommended that you check your oil every time you fill up with gas, but with most modern cars you're safe checking it once a month.

The reality is that all used cars are sold as is,” whether by a private seller or a licensed dealer — unless they come with a written warranty. The problem is that many dealers will sometimes call their used vehicles "certified" because they've put them through a basic inspection or reconditioning.

To calculate your excess miles, subtract the total allowed mileage (including any miles you purchased) from the actual mileage on your odometer. Our comprehensive, up-to-date vehicle history data will arm you with the important information you need to know about the car you're looking to buy.

Since 1 January 2014, car companies are required by law to register odometer mileage readings. The average annual mileage is 12,000, so if a car has mileage somewhat less than 60,000 after five years it would be considered low. We've got you covered, every time you check a vehicle.

If the vehicle appears to be a business vehicle with decals or signs yet the mileage is abnormally low, it may have had its odometer tampered with. There are a number of car check providers in the UK including RAC Passport, AA Checks, Instant Car Check and hpi Check.

The difference in braking between winter tires and summer tires can be startling: a typical car travelling at just 31 mph on snow will take 52 yards to come to a full stop with summer tires - a scary 26 yards more than if the same car is equipped with winter tires.

Our Vehicle Mileage Check tool verifies a vehicle's mileage history against data from numerous sources, so we can protect you and your company against the potential dangers of fraud. Understand that even CPO cars can have problems: In researching this story, we came across two instances in which consumers had trouble with their CPO cars shortly after purchase.

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